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The USC Tommy Trojan, Joe Jost's, and selective Yacht clubs have been very popular. Custom homes, yachts, airplanes, specialty buildings and businesses require a different path. Please submit photos, hopefully 1 Megabyte and above, as attachments to an email. If you are near the Long Beach California area, I will be happy to do the photography. Notify me by email when you have submitted the photo. I will acknowledge receipt. I will let you know what is involved in the work. 
USC Tommy Trojan 16"x20"
Matted, Framed, Glass
16" x 20"
Joe Jost's, Long Beach CA 11"X14", Matted, Framed, Glass Front
Long Beach Yacht Club,
Long Beach, CA
16" x20"
Custom Home Renderings, 16" x 20"
​Bay Yacht Club
Long Beach, CA
16" x 20"