My Portfolio
These are representative samples of the kinds of renderings I produce. I also reconstruct damaged photos and occasionally do some creative works for fun (My apologies to Leonardo da Vinci). Private homes, boats and airplanes are done on an individual basis while the more popular items such as Tommy Trojan, Yacht Clubs and restaurant/saloons are available for purchase. I strive to capture the best view of my subjects and then optimize them through the rendering process. Feel free to browse and contact through email if you have questions.  

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Tommy Trojan
Long Beach YC
 Alamitos Bay YC
1941 airplane in L.B.
Joe Jost's in L.B.
Abbey in Seal Beach
Bayshore Saloon
Pets in Field
Private Home
Private Home
Private Home
Private Home
Private Home
Private Home
    Restored Photo
 USS Arizona 1929
Bay Yacht Club 
New Mona Lisa